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IMPORTANT INFO FOR DELIVERIES TO THE EUROPEAN UNION: Please read this article before placing orders for delivery within the EU or Customs Union post-Brexit

IMPORTANT: Impact of Brexit on Deliveries to the European Union

  • Posted by TheBoyDoneGood
  • Posted on 22nd January 2021
IMPORTANT: Impact of Brexit on Deliveries to the European Union

Due to the United Kingdom leaving the European Union and Customs Union on 31 December 2020, our deliveries to the EU are unfortunately now subject to customs duties, and additional fees levied by delivery services. As we are sure you can appreciate, these increased charges are completely out of our control and are in no way something that we would wish to levy.

It is impossible to say with any certainty what charges will be levied on orders for delivery to the EU. This is due to the fact that each EU member has its own customs regime, and each delivery (postal) service can apply its own fees which may, or may not, bear any relation to the true cost of processing the packages. Some countries may have exemptions and thresholds below which no fees are levied, whilst others may impose customs fees and charges on orders of any size and value.

We are currently working hard to try to ensure that orders can be sent to the EU "duties paid" to ensure certainty of the final cost. However, at the time of writing, Royal Mail (who we use for our international deliveries) does not offer this service (although they assure us that they are looking to implement it as a priority).

In light of this, we wish to warn our customers in the European Union that it is highly likely that your order will be subject to customs duties and fees before it can be delivered to you. These will most likely be charged to you by your local postal service and, as we have explained, are totally out of our control and almost impossible to predict.

We dearly wish to continue to supply our customers and friends in the EU, and we recognise that these potential charges are a real barrier to this. As a short-term solution, and as a means of mitigating the effect on our European Union customers, starting from orders placed on 22 January 2021 we will make a goodwill refund of 20% of the total cost of any orders to be delivered within the EU Customs Union

We must stress again that we have no control over, nor any means of accurately predicting, the total fees that customers will be charged. We will apply the 20% refund as soon as we can do after orders have been placed to whichever method of payment has been used to place the order. We hope that this will help give our EU customers some confidence in ordering from us during this time, and that it will help to mitigate the effect of these new charges and fees.

Thank you for your continued support,